The Big Question....Lion or Tiger

There has always been a rivalry between lions and tigers. Many ask, “Which one is better?” To answer that, even though it’s often an opinionated question, we have to compare and contrast the two, scientifically. We’ll take the Siberian Tiger, and the African Lion.

The Siberian Tiger weighs up to 660 lbs. It’s a solitary hunter with eyesight 6 times sharper than a human. They have claws up to five inches long. Also, their teeth are 3 inches, and razor sharp. Tigers’ black stripes help them stay camouflaged in the rainforest in which they dwell.

Unlike the Siberian Tiger, the African Lion weighs up to 420 lbs. It lives in a pride, instead of solitude. The prides are dominated by a male lion, sometimes two. Its eyesight is only five times better than a human, although their claws are roughly an eighth of an inch longer than the Siberian Tiger. The African Lions’ teeth are also an inch longer.

The Siberian Tiger and the African Lion are also very similar. They both have retractable claws. In addition, they have long tails which are used for balance. Plus, they both have amazing hearing, with the ability to hear noises up to a mile away.

Even though the lion and tiger are close in size, the tiger always wins. There are many accounts in which a tiger killed a lion. The tigers have clear advantages, and a clearer sense of how to kill efficiently, and without harming themselves.

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